The Future of Odorant is Here

Dan McCormack
June 29, 2023
The Future of Odorant is Here

Tansley Associates offers a complimentary audit of your annual odorant usage and delivered volumes. Once completed, TAES will provide your company with a report on how an optimized delivery schedule will reduce your company's carbon footprint. Save through efficiencies related to AI and new technologies which are being added annually to our equipment. This ensures odorization, odorant delivery and your carbon footprint are minimized now and into the future.

Tansley Associates is introducing AI Integrated vessels that allow our customers to utilize new technology in their odorant supply. Here is a list of the benefits to participating in our odorant vessel exchange program:

  • Product usage data is remotely monitored for exchange planning.
  • Transportable ISO vessels are exchanged onsite.
  • Technological upgrades are performed prior to refilling.
  • Stainless steel ISO vessels with .2 - .4 micron polish ensure quantity product.
  • Optimized vessel volumes means less activity on site.
  • Vessel maintenance and sizing is our responsibility.
  • Customers minimize carbon footprint and focus on their core business.    

Join Tansley in a global initiative and bring your odorant supply to the future.

If you have any odorant concerns or questions we would be pleased to talk to you. Call 403.569.8566