Pipeline Leak Detection

Dan McCormack, P.Eng
August 16, 2022
Pipeline Leak Detection

Pipeline Leak Detection

Odorant is placed into natural gas and propane in order to use the odor to identify leaks.

Tansley Associates (TAES) offers a unique twist to this use.  TAES has partnered with Detector Dog Services International to use odorant and specially trained odorant detector dogs to identify leaks in ANY pipeline.  For more than ten years we have located leaks in water, oil and natural gas pipelines.

When a company suspects that their pipeline has a leak, but they cannot determine the location they can contact TAES.  

The pipeline is injected with odorant enriched water, air, nitrogen or natural gas.  The pipeline is then walked with the specially trained detector dogs who can detect odorant at over 100 times the sensitivity of a human.  The dogs easily pinpoint any leak(s) and the pipeline can be dug up and repaired.

It is that easy and it is that painless.

For years, the military, police forces and border agents have successfully used highly trained dogs to sniff out drugs, explosives and other dangerous materials.  Sniffing out odorant, which is designed to be highly smelly, is easy for these dogs and they are very accurate when pinpointing leaks.

Using our unique pipeline leak detection service can save companies money by quickly pinpointing the leak location resulting in less down time and less exploratory excavations.

If you have any questions regarding odorant pipeline leak detection or any other odorant concerns or questions we would be pleased to talk to you.

If you have any odorant concerns or questions we would be pleased to talk to you. Call 403.569.8566