Why CHOOSE A tansley's ai vessel?

The Tansley AI Vessel Advantage

Tansley AI vessels combine benefits of leveraging technology for odorant supply managament, which in turn contributes to the overall efficiency and safety of your operations.

Remote Data Acquisition
Real Time Analytics
Improved Odorant Supply Management
Enhanced Safety
Reduced Risk and Liability

AI Vessel Services

Odorant Supply Management

With the power of data, your vessels are monitored remotely by Tansley personnel. With this data Tansley will schedule maintenance, fills and vessel exchanges to ensure your odorant supply is always there.
  • Tansley provides regular usage information to our customers
  • Data allows for the analysis of usage and odorization injection rates
  • TAES can forecast and optimize future performance

How Leasing Works

Tansley leases our AI Vessels directly to our customers

Tansley exchanges our empty AI Vessel on our customers site with a certified AI Vessel every two to four years.

Tansley completes all maintenance, installation of new technology and filling at a Tansley dedicated odorant facility.

Odorant used can be invoiced monthly with lease payment

AI Vessels are currently available in 500, 2500 and 5000 US Gal sizes


    Our AI/Smart Vessels are stainless steel, transportable vessels manufactured under ISO specification (International Organization for Standardization) and approved by Transport Canada (TC) and the Department of Transportation in the United States (DOT).
    • Because these vessels are transportable they are manufactured to a higher standard than stationary vessels.
    • Vessels are required to be regularly re-certified to ensure their integrity.
    • The 0.2 micron polish inside the vessels does not allow for the interaction of the vessel with your odorant (as it will with conventional steel vessels). It also allows for TAES to quickly clean and deodorize these vessels for recertification.

    Industries We Serve

    Odorant Supply Management



    Al Vessel Technology is the Future of Odorant

    We are committed to advanced AI Vessel technologies to ensure the quality of our vessels and odorants while maximizing odorant safety and efficiency for our clients

    Our technology allows for safer and more effecient odorization management for our customers.

    Interested in becoming a partner of our technology? Contact us.

    Experience the Future of Odorant Supply Management with Our AI Vessels

    This video provides a comprehensive look at our advanced AI-enhanced vessels, demonstrating our commitment to improving safety, efficiency, and reducing risk.

    • Advanced AI Technology: Explore our AI vessels' use of advanced technology for real-time analytics and remote data management, improving odorant supply.
    • Enhanced Safety and Efficiency: See how our AI vessels enhance safety and efficiency, lowering risks in odorant handling.
    • Quality and Compliance: Discover how our transportable, stainless steel vessels comply with ISO, TC, and DOT standards, ensuring superior quality.

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