Natural Gas Resources

I Smell a Gas Leak Outside


  1. Quickly leave the area and go to a safe spot at least 100 yards/meters away and contact 911 and your gas provider.
  2. Do not start your vehicle or turn OFF or ON any equipment, phones or other devices as they could be a source of ignition.
  3. IF you are exiting a building through a door or window, leave it open if possible.
  4. Call 911 from a safe location using a neighbor’s landline or cell phone. Never assume someone has already called.
  5. In the event of respiratory distress for you or a family member, call 9-1-1 immediately after you are a minimum of 100 meters (1 block).
  6. Stay far away and outside until your gas company’s representative says it’s SAFE to go back inside.

Hospitals | Schools | Commercial Building l Apartments Towers l Restaurants

  1. Leave the area.
  2. Go to a safe location or to a pre-assigned exterior assembly area for your building. 
  3. Call 9-1-1 from the nearest phone in a safe location 
  4. Await emergency response personnel at a safe location. 
  5. If you know or suspect that someone is missing or trapped, contact the emergency personnel outside the building.


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