Natural Gas Resources

Probable Causes of a Gas Leak

Gas appliances play a pivotal role in modern households, encompassing a range of essential components such as hot water heaters, central heating systems, gas ranges, ovens, and outdoor barbecues. While these appliances contribute to the comfort and convenience of daily living, they also bring forth potential safety concerns that warrant careful attention.

Gas appliances

This can include appliances like hot water heaters, central heating, a gas range, oven and barbeques.

Propane tank

A propane tank has the possibility of leaking due to improper storage, maintenance or product defect.

Home renovations and wear and tear on gas pipes

Gas leaks can happen when a gas pipe has been damaged during renovations or when they have corroded over time.

Natural or (construction) wear and tear

Pipes may corrode or sustain damage due to local soil excavation work or over time from factors like water seepage or soil shifts. These conditions can lead to small cracks in the pipes and gas leaks.

Man-made errors 

During construction work, installation or repair of plumbing systems, it's possible to damage or Inadequately fit components which could create small openings in the gas pipe and gas leaks.


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