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All our odorant products are world-class and guaranteed to meet every one of your odorant needs with ease and efficiency

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Odorant Supply


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Odorant Supply

We specialize in supplying you with the highest quality propane and natural gas odorant. We supply and locally store the following CP Chem Scentinel products:

Scentinel A (Propane Odorant)
Scentinel S-20 (Natural Gas Odorant)
Scentinel E (Natural Gas Odorant)
Other CP Chem Scentinel Gas Odorants

We can deliver to you volumes up to 3000 gallons in cylinders and micro or bulk truck deliveries. AI vessels can contain up to 5000 gallons.

We always put your needs first and you can rely on our tested and trusted services as well as a steady supply of products

How Our Odorant Supply Service Works

  • Contact us for a delivery and we will schedule you in.
  • Relax and know that it is going to get done


For decades, we have continued to deliver the best, most reliable and expert odorization solutions in this industry. We are dedicated to service and committed to high standards. Tansley is your go-to supplier for odorizers in North America

How Our Odorizer Service Works

  • Contact us with your odorizer requirements
  • Our Engineering Department will size your odorizer
  • Upon your approval, Tansley will procure, deliver and commision your odorizer

Odorizer Servicing

We service what we sell, and we service what others sell too. Our highly trained Odorant Technicians are available to assist our customers with their odorization concerns. This includes; equipment settings, equipment and part replacement, odor audits, smells, leaks and any other operational or equipment Issue.

How Our Odorizer Service Works

  • Contact us with your requirements or concerns
  • Our Operations and Engineering Departments will review the issue and propose solutions.
  • We will schedule your odorizer service
  • Our highly trained technicians will come to your site and perform the service

We use the latest technology, the finest equipment, and our Quality Management System to ensure we deliver Chevron Phillips Chemical Company’s highest quality odorant to our customers

Cutting edge technology

World class equipment

Highest service quality guarantees

Providing World-Class Service To North-America’s Clean Energy Industry

All your odorization needs easily met in one place

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