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Tansley utilizes product specific delivery vessels to maintain our unsurpassed dedication to high quality odorant

Bulk Odorant Deliveries

Custom (farm tap) Annual Odorizer Refills

Decommissioning and Deodorization

Pipeline Leak Detection

Odorant Transport


Bulk Odorant Deliveries

Tansley has offered bulk odorant deliveries to our clients for as long as we have been in business. We have highly trained technicians utilizing the best equipment and applying detailed procedures to ensure that your bulk odorant delivery is trouble free.

Our proprietary bulk odorant delivery system utilizes our product specific stainless steel ISO pressure vessels.  This system features special odorant-containment apparatus to ensure odor-free bulk deliveries.

Contact us for safe, affordable and convenient bulk odorant deliveries from the most experienced odorant delivery specialist in the industry

Custom Odorizer Refills

Tansley's custom odorizer refill service successfully refills hundreds of odorizers every year.

From coast to coast our technicians meet with our clients to safely fill and maintain odorizers and perform odor audits on odorant systems: all to ensure that our clients meet their odorization requirements.

Through our vast experience we know all makes and types of odorizers and can keep them operating in tip top shape.

Contact us for safe, affordable and convenient custom odorizer refill service.

Decommissioning and Deodorization

When a piece of odorant equipment meets the end of its useful life it must be decommissioned and deodorized by trained technicians.

Retired odorization equipment will still retain a residual odor. Decommissioning and deodorization must be completed by trained personnel to avoid the release of this odor into the environment. Old odorant equipment cannot be simply placed into a landfill or recycled without treatment.

Tansley technicians will come to your site and decommission your old odorant equipment then prepare it for transportation to one of our locations. At the Tansley location it will be deodorized, rendered inoperable and sent for recycling where it becomes rebar.

Contact us for odor free environmentally-friendly solutions for the removal and recycling of your old odorant, piping and containment systems

Pipeline Leak Detection

There are times when our clients are aware of a leak in their pipelines or are proactively looking for leaks prior to start-up. In these cases they can come to Tansley to pinpoint leaks or substantiate pipeline integrity using our efficient and highly accurate leak detection system.

  • Unique odorant chemicals and specialty detector dogs
  • Proven quick and effective leak detection service
  • ‍Reduce your carbon footprint by completing annual pipeline leak detection surveys.
  • Leak detection is not just for oil and gas. We have done surveys on oil, gas, propane, and water systems.

Odorant Transport

If our customers require odorant to be transported from one site to another, we can do that too. We have moved from a few gallons to thousands of gallons for our customers. As part of this service we can test and filter the odorant also.

We maintain the highest safety standards to facilitate incident-free transportation of your odorant products

  • Our technicians are highly skilled, well trained and experienced
  • Our equipment is advanced and regularly undergoes a thorough maintenance schedule


When odorant is first introduced into steel pipelines the sulphur in the odorant will react with the steel pipe to create a layer on the inside of the pipe (pickle). This means that when a pipeline begins operating the odorant injected into the pipeline will be used up in the pickling process and will not reach the end of the pipe; resulting in unodorized gas coming out the end of the pipeline.

Odorant conditioning (pickling) is required for new or reserviced pipelines and consists of adding controlled amounts of additional odorant to account for the odorant loss due to pickling.

Working with a world class odorant conditioning (pickling) expert, Tansley provides a full service odorant pickling solution to our customers.

We can provide engineering, planning, equipment, operations and post pickling reporting to make the pickling process seamless for our customers.

Discover the Precision and Expertise Behind Our Odorant Services

At Tansley Associates, we're proud to present an insightful video that encapsulates our commitment to delivering high-quality odorant services with unparalleled expertise.

This engaging 2D explainer video offers a glimpse into the meticulous processes and advanced technologies we employ to ensure the safe and efficient handling of odorant vessels.

We are committed to providing the highest quality odorants and odorant service to North America’s natural gas and propane industries.

Dependable, efficient service

Tansley provides individual services to our customers in a dependable and efficient manner.  If we say we are going to be there, then we will be there.  You can count on us. Furthermore, we are always looking at efficiencies to lower our customers' risks and costs.

Backed by over four decades of technical excellence

For over forty years, Tansley has successfully been delivering odorant to our customers across North America.  In that time we have "seen it all" and "done it all".  Now we use those experiences to provide industry leading odorant solutions to our customers.

Highly experienced Odorant Technicians

Tansley odorant technicians receive intensive training from the first day they are hired. Training is a combination of courses and on the job training working with our seasoned odorant technicians.   Even for our veteran odorant technicians, Tansley training never ends: as training is a continuous cycle of learning and improving.  You can count on the Tansley crew to do the job right.

Putting your needs first

Tansley listens to our clients to ensure that we can provide them with exactly what they need.  We then use our experience and apply the appropriate technolgy to meet those requirements in a safe, cost effective, environmental manner.  Have an odorant issue?  Give us a call and see what we can do for you.

Frequently asked questions

Once Tansley has deodorized your vessel we cut a hole in the vessel, document the cutting as destruction and we make arrangements for the vessel to be recycled into rebar. A certificate of destruction is sent to our clients for each vessel.
Yes, a few tests may be completed on-site. Testing TAES may complete on-site includes: Cloud point and color testing. Although these tests are completed in the field they are reliable enough to make decisions on. Samples collected may also be sent for lab testing for due diligence.
Some contaminates may be removed via circulating the odorant through  5 micron filters, 10 micron absolute.

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