Drilling Waste Disposal

Drilling Waste Disposal

Tansley Associates Environmental Engineering

Drill Waste Management Services

Our Drilling Waste Management Services begin with a unique plan. Tansley Associates will compile all essential information in a thorough document; from project contacts, and detailed logistics to preparing a strategy of contingencies to mitigate and prevent the unexpected.

  • Drilling Product and Cuttings Assessments/Sampling
  • Land-Owner Liaison Services
  • Water Access and Diversion Permit Application
  • Landspraying While Drilling and Landspraying After Drilling (LWD and LAD)
  • Sump Suitability, Sampling, and Disposal (Mix/Bury/Cover)
  • Landfill Waste Applications

* Tansley Associates vacuum truck fleet is ideal for augmenting the environmental drilling waste services. Choosing to maximize our expertise onsite with addition of our trucking expertise provides our clients with streamlined management services at increasingly competitive cost structure.

Hydrocarbon-based Drilling Fluid Management

Hydrocarbon disposal operations must meet the AEW Tier 1 Soil and Groundwater Remediation Guidelines (2010) as outlined in Directive 050. Horizontal oil wells, diesel pill addition, drilling practices requiring hydrocarbon additions and visible hydrocarbons in the waste are all indicators of possible hydrocarbon contamination that requires specific disposal methods. Hydrocarbon-based drilling fluid management options include landfills, bio-piles, recycling management plans (RMPs) and feasibility assessments for land farming all of which can be managed as part of your Drilling Waste Disposal Program with Tansley Associates.